A Guide To Scheduling Messages and Rules

There are two types of Scheduled Actions: 1) Scheduled Messages and 2) Scheduled Rules. Below we outline the features of scheduled messages. 


Both Scheduled Messages and Scheduled Rules have the following features:

  1. Ability to schedule an action to A) all of your customers; B) to customers who have a certain tag; or C) to specific customers.
    1. (Here is how to add and remove tags from customers: https://help.sendbottles.com/article/188-add-tags-attributes-and-guests-to-a-conversation)
  2. Ability to schedule the action to run either "Now" or at some time in the future.
  3. Ability to set the action to run on a recurring basis.
  4. Ability to utilize replacement variables to customize the messages and rules with the contacts' information. 
    1. (Here is an article outlining the replacement variables available to you, and how to use them: https://help.sendbottles.com/article/225-how-variables-work)

Scheduled Messages

How to send a scheduled message: https://help.sendbottles.com/article/314-how-to-send-a-scheduled-message-to-customers-from-the-activity-tab

Scheduled Rules

Here are some examples of Scheduled Rules that provide more power than simply Scheduled Messages:

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