Send A Scheduled Message

To send a scheduled message follow these steps:

  • Open up your Bottle dashboard
  • Go to the tab called "Scheduled"
  • Click new scheduled message
  • Choose the contacts to send your message to. You can send a scheduled message to a group of people that have a tag, all of your contacts or to a subset of specific contacts.
    • If you check the box "Send to all contacts", then the message will be sent to ALL of your non-archived contacts.
    • If you select a tag in the dropdown box, then the message will be sent to everyone who has that tag. (In the instance that you select multiple tags, the customer needs to only have one of the tags selected in order to receive the message.)
    • You can alternatively send to specific contacts by searching for the contact, and hitting the "Add" link.
  • Enter the message you want to send. 
  • Indicate the time and frequency you want it to send the message (once, weekly etc.)
  • Hit save. 
  • Please note that to ensure deliverability to Bottle sends messages every 7 seconds per outbound phone number. This is important to note if you are sending your message to a large group (1,000+ contacts) and you have lots of contacts concentrated on a handful of your account phone numbers.

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