Schedule a message to customers who have not ordered in X amount of time

Sometimes you want to schedule a rule that goes out to customers who have ordered before but who haven't ordered in a certain amount of time. This will be done as a scheduled rule.

How to schedule a message to customers who have not ordered in x amount of time:

  1. From the 'Scheduled' tab, create a 'New Scheduled Rule'.

  2. For your IFs you will use 'IF last paid you X days ago' and 'IF has paid you at least X times'.

  3. For the X in the first IF, determine the number of days after the last order you'd like the message to send out after. 
  4. For the X in the second IF, select "1". So 'IF has paid you at least 1 time'.

  5. For your Thens you will use 'Send A Message'. From there, you can input the message you'd like to send.

  6. Next, you'll scroll down and hit 'Send to all contacts', as the IFs will filter out anyone who doesn't match who you're trying to send to.
  7. After that, you can choose the time and day you'd like this message to send as well as the frequency you'd like it to send out.

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