Send a message to former customers

If a group of customers has not ordered for a few weeks straight, maybe you want to send out a scheduled blast in order to reach them. Here are the steps on how to do that.

How to send a message to former customers:

  1. From your Dashboard, click on the "Scheduled" tab
  2. Next, click on "New Scheduled Rule".
  3. From here, you will begin to create your rule. 
  4. IF -> "Last Paid you X Days Ago" (choose the amount of days after the last payment that you would like to send this message) + "Has paid you X Times" (put 1 in this box) + IF "User has attribute that matches value". You will want to check the 'True on false (reversed)' box here. From there you will add '30_day_reachout' to the box that says attribute. In the next box that says value you will type "yes". 
    --> This last IF makes sure the only sends once per customer (instead of every 30 days).
  5. THEN -> "Send Message". Now, you can type in the message you would like to go out to customers. 
  6. Scroll down. Next you will want to check the box "Send To All Contacts", type in the time and day you would like the message to send out, and the frequency you would like it to send. 
  7. Hit save! Now your all set to send out a scheduled message to former customers.
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