How to send a scheduled message to customers from the Activity tab

You can schedule a message to your customers by filtering for them in any sort of way. You can do this from the Activity tab.

Let's say you wanted to send a message to everyone who chose "Pickup" as their delivery option for a Monday, August 16th, cutoff day. Here's how it works:

  1. Go to Dashboard -> Activity
  2. Click on "Monday, August 16th" (or whatever cutoff day you want)
  3. From the "Delivery Type" dropdown, choose "pickup" (or choose whatever filter(s) you want)
  4. Click the blue "Create Scheduled Message" button
  5. It then creates a blank scheduled message, prefilled with all the customers you just filtered for
  6. Add a message to be sent in the "Message" field
  7. Type a "when to send" message, such is "tomorrow at 7am" or "now"
  8. Hit "Save"
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