Send A Message To Customers Who Don't Have A Specific Tag

Sometimes you want to send a message to customers who don't have a specific tag. 

How to send a message to customers who don't have a specific tag

Step 1: Sending a text to *all* the customers who don't have the "Active" tag.

  1. Go to the Dashboard -> Scheduled
  2. Click "New Scheduled Rule"
  3. Create the IF's/THEN's for this rule.
    1. In the far-right corner of the "rule" box, click the dropdown and choose "Ifs"
    2. The rule box should open up and you should see a list of "Ifs"
    3. Find and click the IF called "+ User Has This Tag", then put "Active" in the "Tag" box, then check the "True on Reverse" checkbox, and then click Add Condition"
      1. This is basically saying: "We will run this rule for the contact, IF the contact DOES NOT HAVE the Active tag."
    4. Now, you should be looking at all of the THEN's.
    5. Find and click on the "Send Message" THEN, then put the message you'd like to go out to the customer in the box and click "Save".
  4. Check the box "Send to All Contacts" (since this is a rule, this means it will execute the rule against each of your contact's account with you - if they meet the criteria of the IF, then they'll receive the THEN action).
  5. In "When to Send", fill out a time of the first time you'd like to execute the rule for everyone.
  6. In "Send Frequency", choose an interval if you'd like this scheduled message to keep recurring.
  7. Click "Save".
  8. You should now see the pending rule set to execute in the list of scheduled actions under your account.

Step 2 (optional): Adding another IF in order to further segment the customers, such as if you also don't wan the customer to have a "Customer" tag.

  1. Go to the Dashboard -> Scheduled tab, and find the scheduled rule that you created above. Click "Edit" on the right hand side.
  2. In the far-right corner of the "rule" box, click the dropdown and choose "Ifs"
  3. Click "+ Add User Has This Tag"
  4. Put "Customer" in the box (or whatever tag you want), and check the "True on Reverse" checkbox on the right side.
  5. Then, click "Add Condition".
  6. Now you're all set! This means the rule is now looking to make sure that BOTH the contact doesn't have the "Active" tag and also doesn't have the "Customer" tag. If a customer has neither, it will send the message you've set.
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