Bottle Quickstart Guide for Text Only Subscriptions

You are most likely reading this because you recently signed up for Bottle and hope to use it to text your clients, customers, patients, or something of the sort. In this quick start guide, we are going to go over everything you need to know to get your account up and running in order to use Bottle for texting.

Phone Number

  • As soon as you sign up, please email our team ( and let us know what you would like your area code to be for your Bottle phone number.
  • Leave it to our team to handle activating your phone number and granting you permissions to use our platform. We will confirm with you when that part is finished.

Import your contacts

  • Next, you might already have a list of contacts that you would like to import into Bottle so you can start texting with your customers immediately. This is a simple process! Check out this article for the breakdown of how-to import your contacts. You can also add contacts to the system manually.

Schedule a blast

  • Bottle is perfect for sending out scheduled blasts to all contacts or even specific groups of contacts. Here is an article from our help desk explaining how to schedule a blast to customers or groups of customers. 

Add tags and attributes to groups of contacts

  • You might also want to learn about adding tags, attributes, and guests to a conversation in order to create "buckets" of customers to send specific messages to - read about how to do that here.

Send 1-1 messages with customers

  • You also will likely message with customers on a 1-1 basis. Here is an article with everything you need to know about messaging back and forth with your customers.

Make and receive calls in Bottle

  • Bottle is also a great way to keep business calls separate from your personal life. Learn about making and receiving calls using Bottle in this article

Create a voicemail in Bottle

  • Speaking of making and receiving calls in Bottle, you might also want to setup a voicemail. Here is an article that explains how to setup that voicemail in Bottle (note: the file must be an MP3 file!).

Using replacement variables in blasts

  • There might be times where you want to send out blast text messages that say "Hey [first name]". You can do this in Bottle using replacement variables! Learn more about replacement variables here
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