Making and receiving phone calls in Bottle

There may be times when you receive a phone call in Bottle or want to call a customer in Bottle. You can make make and receive phone calls from the desktop application and the iPhone application.

Making A Phone Call on Desktop:

To make a phone call from your desktop:

  1. Find the conversation 

  2. Click the phone icon in the top right corner. Once clicked the call will be initiated in a new window. 

  3. During the call you can:
    1. Mute the conversation. 
    2. Enter in digits by simply entering digits on your keyboard.
    3. End the conversation. 

Receiving A Phone Call on Desktop

  1. When you receive a phone call on the desktop, you will receive a push notification to your computer (so long as you are signed into your Bottle account) as well as receive a notification on the Bottle messaging page. 

  2. To answer, simply tap the notification or click join call from the messenger. At that point you will be redirected to a separate call window. 

Making A Phone Call via the iPhone App

  1. To place a phone call from the iPhone app, you will find the customer via the 'Direct Messages' list. 
    1. If the customer is not a contact yet, you can add them as a contact by clicking the + in the top right corner, clicking 'New Direct Message', typing in their phone number, pushing enter, and then clicking the 'Edit' button in the top right corner to add a name, etc.
  2. Once you've found the contact, click the contact's name, and then click the 'Call' button.

Receiving a Phone Call via the iPhone App

  1. Incoming phone calls on the iPhone app are very similar to a normal phone call. The screen will look like the below. Just click accept or decline and you will either join or decline the call. 

How Voicemails Work in Bottle

To setup a voicemail on Bottle follow these steps:

  1. Record a voice memo using an iPhone or Android. 
    1. Here is an article on how to record a voice memo on iPhone.
    2. Here is an article on how to record a voice memo on an Android. 
  2. Send the file to yourself. 
  3. Make sure the file is in MP3 format. If it is not, convert the file to a mp3. You can do this using an online tool, just search for MP4 to MP3 and select a tool that works for you. 
  4. Go to the Bottle messenger. 
  5. Go to your dashboard.

  6. Go to the settings tab.
  7. Add the file under the section labeled "voicemail recording". 

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