Setting up a custom voicemail in Bottle Chat

Bottle has a default voicemail setting and a custom voicemail setting. In this article we review how to setup default and custom voicemails. 

Setting up the default voicemail

The default voicemail will use a robotic voice to read a voicemail message that you enter into the text field under voicemail in your settings.

  1. Sign into the Bottle Messenger
  2. Go to settings
  3. Click dashboard
  4. Scroll to the section "voicemail"
  5. Add the text you want to be read. 
  6. Select the length of time you'd like the phone to ring in the box called ring length. 

Setting up a custom voicemail

To setup a voicemail on Bottle follow these steps:

  1. Record a voice memo using an iPhone or Android. 
    1. Here is an article on how to record a voice memo on iPhone.
    2. Here is an article on how to record a voice memo on an Android. 
  2. Send the file to yourself. 
  3. Make sure the file is in MP3 format. If it is not, convert the file to a mp3. You can do this using an online tool, just search for MP4 to MP3 and select a tool that works for you. 
  4. Go to the Bottle messenger. 
  5. Go to your dashboard.
  6. Go to the settings tab.
  7. Add the file under the section labeled "voicemail recording".
  8. You should now have a custom voicemail added to your Bottle account! 
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