Add contacts to Bottle via an import

The best way to bulk-import contacts is to upload a CSV via the dashboard. This allows you to import a bunch of data all at once, such as the contact's phone number, name, address information, tags, and attributes.

The contact's phone number is required in order to import the contact. If the phone number doesn't exist in your contacts, it will create the contact and add all of the associated attributes. If the phone number already exists in your contacts, it will update the contact with any additional information you include in the import.

Here's how to add contacts via an import:

  1. Navigate to your Bottle account Dashboard.
  2. Click the "Import" column.
  3. Click "New Contact Import".
  4. Select a CSV file from your computer (only CSV files are permitted at this time).
    1. Optionally include a webhook (such as to notify your server when the import has completed.
  5. Click "Next"
  6. Now, you need to match the columns in the CSV to attributes in Bottle.
    1. By default, you'll see a "phone" attribute in Bottle selected in a left-side dropdown; select in the right-side dropdown which column the phone number lives in on the CSV sheet.
    2. To add another column/attribute pair, click "+ Add Another Column Match".
    3. To remove a column/attribute pair, click "(Remove this column match)" above the column/attribute pair you'd like to remove.
  7. Once you've paired all the Bottle attributes you'd like imported with columns in the CSV file, click "Run Import".
  8. This will set the import to "pending", and then "running".
  9. You can periodically refresh the import's page to see the status of the import.
  10. Once completed, the import will say "completed" and it will list out every row that was properly imported into Bottle.
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