How to automatically send a customer a unique order link if they text in "ORDER"

Sending your customers a unique ordering link to the plan of their choice when they text in a keyword is a great way to automatically generate sales. You can embed this signup link to your website or drop the link to any sort of social media bio (here's an article on how to do that). In order for the link to work properly, you must also setup a rule that sends the order link to your customer. Below we show you how to do this. 

Automatically send a customer their unique ordering link if they text in "ORDER":

  1. Once you setup your embed link using this article, go to your 'Rules' tab.
  2. You will be creating a new Inbound Message Rule, so from the top rule, click the blue button that says 'New Inbound Message Rule'. 

  3. Now click the Ifs button from the dropdown on the right side of the rule box.
  4. Now click the If box that says '+ Add "Matches" ', type in ORDER (or whichever word you'd like to trigger this rule), and click 'Add Condition'.
  5. You're now looking at your Thens. You will select 'Send Order For Store', select the Store you'd like to send an order for from the dropdown menu, enter in the message that you'd like to go out to your customers, and then press 'Save'.
  6. From now on, when a customer texts in "ORDER", a message with a link to their unique order will automatically send to them. 

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