Integrate Bottle with another app via Zapier

You will need to create a Zapier account for this process. 

  1. Once you're logged into your Zapier, you will see this page. From here, you'll click 'Make a Zap!'
  2. Choose 'Webhooks' as the first trigger.
  3. Next, choose 'Catch Hook'.
  4. They will give you a URL from here - just copy that.
  5. Next, you'll want to hop back over to Bottle. Once in your Dashboard, find the 'Rules' tab and create a new rule depending on what you’d like the touchpoint to be (New Invoice Rule, New Subscription Rule, New Conversation Rule, etc).
  6. Create the rule based on IFs. An example would be: IF: has paid you 1 time. THEN choose 'Send to Zapier Webhook'. Once you have this up, paste the URL that you copied earlier into the box.
  7. After hitting 'test endpoint' in bottle, you will go back over to Zapier to see that the hook as been "received" Then, proceed to next step on Zapier (your work in Bottle is done).
  8. Next, you'll add a step. Click 'Add one now!'.
  9. You'll be able to choose your Action App from here. Search for the app you’re integrating with and choose it (ShipStation, Routific, etc) as your app.
  10. Follow the steps in Zapier from here and you will be finished integrating your new app with Bottle via Zapier.
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