How to Send A Message To Customers Who Have Signed Up For An Account But Then Take No Further Action

If a customer signs up for an account but then takes no further action, it might be a good idea to send them a small nudge to remind them to place their first order. Below are instructions on how to do that.

How to schedule a one-time message to customers who haven't ordered yet:

  1. From your backend, go to the Rules tab
  2. Next scroll down to where it says 'New Conversation Rules' and click the blue button that says 'New Conversation Rule'.
  3. Now you will click the drop down on the right hand side and find 'Ifs'.
  4. Once inside the 'Ifs' you will click "Has paid you X times", put 0 in the box, and then hit 'Add Condition'. 
  5. Now you're inside your 'Thens'. You will click "Schedule A Rule". You can put in the time box when you want the rule to fire - so if you'd like it to fire an hour after the customer signs up, you can set it to "in an hour" or if you'd like it to fire two days after they sign up you can put "in two days". 
  6. Next, you will choose your IFs and THENs for the rule itself. You will again choose "if has paid you X times" (and input 0 in the box). 
  7. Finally, you will go into the Thens of the scheduled rule and click "Send a message". From there, you will type out the message that you would like to send out to customers.
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