Sending A Zap To Add New Customer Emails To A Google Sheet (Using Zapier)

It's a great idea to collect customer's emails in order to send out promotion emails, newsletters, and the like. Here are some instructions on how to add customers to a google sheet list when they sign up using Zapier. *you must have a Zapier account in order to do this*.

Existing customers

  1. Can download the Users Report to grab existing customers' emails.

When new customers join by choosing a plan

  1. In Zapier, create a new "Zap."
  2. Add the "Webhook" trigger to your Zap.
  3. Copy the Webhook URL to your clipboard.
  4. In Bottle, navigate to the Rules tab in the Dashboard.
  5. Click "New Subscription Rule" underneath the "New Conversation" section.
    1. This will trigger every time a customer adds a new plan. To make sure it only triggers once, you could make sure the customer's subscription count == 1 using the Ifs.
  6. Add the "Send to Zapier Webhook" action.
  7. Paste in the Webhook URL from Zapier, and then click Save.
  8. You will then be prompted to test the webhook on Zapier. Click the "Test Endpoint" button on the Bottle side and it will send a mock request, giving Zapier all the available fields in the webhook.
  9. Then add the "Google Sheets" action in Zapier.
  10. Then link your Google Account, choose your sheet, and choose "Add New Row" action. Here's some info about the Google Sheets integration with Zapier:
    1. You want to make sure the Google Sheet you're adding to has a top header before you link it to Zapier.
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