How To Send A Fulfillment Reminder To Customers Who Have Paid At Least One Time

If you'd like to send out a fulfillment reminder every week to customers who order for a specific delivery option, you can do that by entering the message under your Delivery Options where it says "Fulfillment reminders". This is definitely the best way to send out these fulfillment reminders - however, if you'd only like to send out fulfillment reminders to customers who have paid you at least one time, follow the directions below.

How to send a fulfillment reminder to customers who have paid at least one time:

  1. Under your 'Rules' tab, find the Invoice Rules section and click 'New Invoice Rule'

  2. Now you are on the page where you will create your rule. On the right side of the page, click to get to your Ifs section. Once in your Ifs section, you will select your Ifs. For this rule, you will have IF: 

  3. + Add "Paid" (then click 'Add Condition)
    + Add "Delivery Option" (and choose the delivery option that you'd like this message to send out to - if more than one, you will add each one separately)
    + Add "Has paid you at least x times" (for the x, put in 2 and then click Add Condition)
    Once you've added the above IFs, the rule should look like this:

  4. Now, you will add your THENs. 

  5. Once in your Then section, you will select "Schedule A Rule". You should now be looking at the IFs for the rule you're going to schedule. In here, click +Add "On Specific Days of the Week" and select the day you'd like this message to be sent out on. 

  6. Now go to your Thens for this new rule you're going to schedule and click "Schedule A Message". Now input the day and time you'd like this message to go out each week and type in what you'd like your message to say and hit save. 

  7. Now, every Sunday at 5pm any customer who has a home delivery delivery option (for this case) and has paid you at least one time will receive that fulfillment reminder.

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