Send a text to my phone every time a new message comes into Bottle

We have an iPhone app for any of our vendors who have an iPhone and would like to stay connected to their Bottle account when they are aware from their computer. You can download that app using this link. If you do not have an iPhone, you can setup a rule that sends you a text message to your phone each time a new message/call comes into your Bottle account.

How to setup an automated text that alerts me when a new Bottle message comes in:

  1. From the Dashboard, click the 'Rules' tab

  2. Next, you will find where it says 'Inbound Message Rules' and click the blue bar that says 'New Inbound Message Rule'

  3. You will not need to put in any IFs in here. Instead, click on 'Thens' on the right side of the rule.
  4. Next, you will select 'Send message to somebody else'

  5. From here, you will enter in your phone number and the message you would like to receive each time an incoming message comes in to your Bottle account. Make sure to hit save!

And that is it! Now, each time a new message is received via Bottle, you will have an automated message sent to your phone. You can also setup a similar rule at the bottom of the page for inbound calls under 'Inbound Call Rules'. You would setup the same exact rule except specify in the automated message to him that a call has just been received.

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