How To Automatically Cancel Duplicate Plans

Sometimes you have customers that go through and create multiple plans without realizing that they are already subscribed to these same plans. The best way to counter this is to create a rule that automatically cancels those duplicate stores for the customer while keeping the store that they have been the most recently active on (i.e. that they mostly recently ordered from). 

How to automatically cancel duplicate plans:

  1. From your Dashboard, go to the 'Scheduled' tab
  2. Click 'New Scheduled Rule'
  3. For the IFs, you will choose "Has more than X plans", you will then fill in how many plans you would like to restrict for each customer.
  4. Next, for the THENs, you will choose "Cancel All But Most Recent Plan"
  5. Now, you will scroll down and decide when you want this rule to run, how often you'd like it to run, and for it to "Send to all contacts".
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