Deleting Old Products With Chosen Box Autofill

Chosen box autofill puts the exact same products in your customer's carts every week. This is great if you never change your menu, however if you occasionally change your menu, you need to be very precise about how you change your menu with this autofill type. You can either use the replace with feature, or follow the directions below.

Video Overview

How to delete old products and add new ones with chosen box autofill:

  1. Go into the old product that you plan on replacing/deleting
  2. Edit this old product so it is now the new product that you plan on adding
  3. You will go through and change the product's name, image (if applicable), price, description, variants, etc. 
  4. Now, the old product is gone and the new product is available. However, the products share the same ID number which will ensure that your customers who had the old product in their cart the week before automatically have the new product placed in their cart. If you simply delete the old product and do not use this technique or the replace with feature, your customer's cart will turn up as empty. 
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