How To Setup Basic Away Hours

Away Messages are messages that are automatically sent to your customers inbetween certain "Away" hours. You can turn on Away Messages from your profile.

How to setup basic away hours:

  1. Go to Dashboard -> 'Settings' 
  2. Scroll down until you see the "Away Hours" section
  3. Switch the button to "Away Hours On"
  4. Choose your "Away Hours" (note: these are the aways in between which you will be AWAY, so if your business hours are 8am-5pm, you will want to set the away hours to 5pm-8am)
  5. Insert an "Away Auto Response" message. This message is automatically sent to contacts if they message in while you're away. Note: this message is sent a maximum of 1 time per every 24 hours per contact.
  6. You can optionally set a "Weekend Away Auto Response (optional)" - if filled in, this message will send instead of the "Away Auto Response" on the weekends.
  7. Hit the blue "Save" button.

A few things to note:

  • Away messages are only sent if the setting is switched to "Away Hours On"
  • An away message is sent only once per every 24 hours to each contact. So if they message in 10 times after hours, they'll only receive the away message once.
  • Away hours are M-F for the hours you set, and then all day Saturday and Sunday by default.
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