Link A Custom Domain To An Order Link

Using a custom domain name as the URL for links sent from Bottle to your customers is a great way to improve deliverability of your messages, and make customers feel comfortable receiving your messages each week. Instead of order links being sent from, you can choose a custom subdomain to use as the root of all these links.

The basic idea is to set up URL forwarding from a custom subdomain (such as to your Bottle website (i.e.,

How to setup a custom domain as the order link:

  1. Create an account with DNSimple (They're the best domain provider in our opinion; their URL forwarding is compatible with what needs to happen with Bottle - not all domain registrars provide the same functionality.)
    1. NOTE: You will not have to transfer your domain name, you will simply point your "nameservers" from your current host to your DNSimple account.
  2. All you need is the personal plan ($5/mo)
  3. Click "Add Domain"
  4. Click "Use domain services"
  5. Enter your domain name (such as "") and click "Use domain services"
    1. DNSimple will now automatically import all of your settings
  6. Scroll down and click "Import DNS Settings"
  7. Great! You're almost there. Now you need to go and change the nameservers on your current domain account (such as GoDaddy, BlueHost, or wherever you host your domain)
    1. Once you're logged into your current domain registrar, find where you can edit your name servers and change your name servers to the following:
      1.,, and
  8. Back in DNSimple, in the left side bar under your domain, click on "DNS"
  9. In the section called DNS Records, click the blue "Manage" button
  10. Click "Add record", and then select "URL" from the drop-down
  11. In the first "Name" box, input a short subdomain such as "order" (you are redirecting a subdomain, such as
  12. In the "Destination URL" box, input your bottle landing page, such as ""
  13. Click "Add Record"
  14. Now you are almost all set! Send us an e-mail to or Reach out to @BottleTeam, and we'll make sure everything is set up properly. We will then enable custom domain redirecting. Links sent from your account will show this new custom URL.
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