How To Offer Free Shipping

Oftentimes, you will want to offer free shipping to your clients. Free shipping is a great way to give your customers a great incentive to order. You will create a free shipping option from the 'Discount Codes' section.

How to offer free shipping:

  1. From your Dashboard, you will click the 'Products + Checkout' tab
  2. Next, you will click 'Discount Codes'
  3. Then click 'New Discount Code'

  4. Now, you are looking at the page to create a new discount code.
  5. Choose the 'Free Shipping' option from the "Type" drop down box.
  6. Next, you will create a title and the discount code (this is the code that customers will enter in to receive free shipping unless you have this code automatically add to orders - more on that below).

  7. Max Times Per User: the maximum amount of times that a customer can use this code. If you'd like them to use it an unlimited amount of times, leave this blank.
    Minimum Order Amount: this is the dollar total that the customer must hit before receiving the free shipping. If you'd like customers to have a total of at least, let's say, $60 in their cart before receiving the free shipping discount, you can put $60 there.
    Minimum Products Count: this is the minimum amount of products you want a customer to have in their order to use this code. If this is not applicable, leave blank.
    Tag: this is the tag customers must have in order to use this code, or to have the code automatically applied to their order. If this is not applicable, leave blank.

  8. You can then decide if you:
    -Want this code to be able to combine with other codes.
    -Want this code to be able to combine with codes not marked to combine with other codes.
    -Want only customers who are paying you for the first time to be able to use this code.
    -Want the code to continue to apply on every order after the first time the customer enters it in.
    -Want this code to automatically add to every single order. If you don't have proper restraints in place (i.e. no required tag and/or minimum order amount) this code will automatically apply to every single order.

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