How To Customize Your Bottle Ordering Site

You can customize your Bottle ordering site to give your customers the best experience possible. This means making your Bottle ordering site customized to fit your brand. All of this customization is done from the 'Settings' tab, which is the first tab that you land on in your Dashboard back end. 

How to customize your Bottle ordering site:

First thing first, you will add your account name/time zone/email/logo:

Next, you will move on to your Merchant Settings. From here, you will:

  1. Add your website URL, your company's location/byline, an account description, and a profile background image:

  2. Add in Google Tag Manager Container ID, Google Analytics ID, and/or Facebook Container ID (optional):

  3. Choose a default color: this is the color scheme that will be on your site. We recommend choosing a color that is similar to the color of your company's website so that customer's feel comfortable ordering from your Bottle page.
  4. Customize a checkout note: you can leave a checkout note here for your customers that they will see after checking out on your Bottle site.
  5. Add your address: this is so your default state and city is set correctly.

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