Giving a special group of customers an automatic discount

Let's say you want to reward members of the military, or members of a gym, or brand ambassadors with a special discount code that gets applied to all of their orders. You can do this by creating a discount code for this group of people. The idea is to create a discount code that 1) automatically applies to orders, but 2) only applies to people with a specific tag. This way, whenever a customer is checking out, if they are tagged a certain way in your system, they'll automatically receive whatever discount code you'd like them to receive.

How to setup a special discount code
  1. Go to the Bottle Messenger
  2. Select Dashboard
  3. Go to the 'Products and Checkout' tab
  4. Select 'Discount Codes' 
  5. Click the 'New Discount Code' box
  6. Enter the type of discount code and other information in the form:

  • "Title": the title of the discount code that shows up on the confirmation screen.
  • "Code": the code that the customer must enter at checkout.
  • "Max use times per user": the maximum number of times a customer can use the code; set to 0 to allow unlimited uses.
  • "Minimum order amount": can only be applied if at least this amount of dollars' worth is in the cart.
  • "Minimum products count": can only be applied if at least this many products are in the cart.
  • "Tag": if a tag is set, then only customers who have that tag are allowed to add this discount code.
  • "Can be combined": if checked, then it can be combined with other discount codes; otherwise, no other discount code can be used with this one.
  • "Can be combined with non-combining codes, too": if checked, then it doesn't matter if other discount codes have "can be combined" or not - this lets it always be added to the cart.
  • "Only first time customers can use": if checked, this will make it that only first-time orders on Bottle are able to use this code.
  • "Once used keep using": means that if this box is checked, the customer will continuously have this code automatically applied to all future orders.
  • "Automatically add to orders": if checked, then this discount code automatically gets added to all eligible orders. Be careful!

The important thing here is to set a tag as a requirement, and to also check "automatically add to orders." This will make sure anyone who has a certain tag - but only people who have that tag - will receive the discount.

Tagging customers

From there, all you need to do is tag the customers whom you want to receive the discount. This is very straightforward! Here's an article on exactly how to tag customers:

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