Making sense of the 'Transactions Report'

The transactions sheet is a helpful sheet 

Starting Date
Beginning Date
Ending Date
End Date
Charged Orders Count
Orders charged by Stripe
Marked Paid Orders Count
Orders Marked As Paid
Refunds Count
Total Orders Refunded
Total Amount Charged
Total of all orders through Bottle.
Application Fees
Sum of application fees in column G, tab 2 titled "Charges" typically in this download.
Order Totals Total of all orders charged through Bottle.
Order Subtotals The sum of all the subtotals of the orders for this date range.
Order Taxabale Subtotals Taxable subtotals. B12 - B14.
Order Discount Amounts
Discount amounts, not subject to tax.
Order Account Credits Account credits supplied.
Order Shipping Amounts
Shipping amounts.
Order Tax Amounts Tax amounts due BEFORE refunds. Calculated by taking 8% of B13.
Total Amount Reversed
Refunded amount.
Order Taxable Subtotals Reversed Refunded order subtotal taxable amount.
Order Tax Amounts Reversed Tax amount for refunded order
Order Subtotals Reversed Subtotal of refunded order
Order Totals Reversed
Total amount of refunded order. (B21 + B22)
Net Amount Paid The net amount of Stripe payouts initiated during this period.
Net Tax Owed Total amount of taxes due. 
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