How to skip orders automatically if customer texts in "Skip"

Oftentimes, customers expect that texting in a word will automatically do that action for them. This is true for some automations, but others, like trying to skip must be accompanied by a rule. 

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How to automatically skip an order if customer texts in "Skip"

  1. Go to the Dashboard -> Rules
  2. Select "New Inbound Message Rule"
  3. In the top-right corner of the new rule, go to "Ifs"
  4. Click "Add Matches" (this means the rule will trigger when the customer's text to you matches whatever's in the box)
    1. Add the word "skip" (it is case insensitive)
    2. Click "Save"
  5. You're now looking at the Thens action options.
  6. Click "Skip Open Orders"
    1. Click "Save"
  7. Click "Send Message"
    1. Input the message you'd like to send to the customer automatically.
    2. Click "Save"

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