How To Send An Automatic Message To A Customer After A Refund Is Issued

Some of our vendors want their customers to be automatically notified when a refund is issued to their customers. In this article, you will learn how to create a rule that will send a message to a specific customer when a refund is issued on their account.

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How to automatically send a message to customers after a refund is issued:

  1. From your Dashboard, find the 'Rules' tab.
  2. Scroll to the 'Invoice Rules' section and select 'New Invoice Rule'.
  3. In the IFs, find '+ Add "Refunded"'.
  4. From there, select 'Add Condition'.
  5. Once the condition is added, you will go to the Then's section and find 'Send Message'.
  6. You can personalize the message you would like to send to your customers after a refund is issued and input a delay time (optional). 
  7. Make sure to hit save! Your customers will now automatically receive a message from you when a refund is issued to their account.
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