Bottle Referral Program: How It Works + How To Create One

Bottle offers you a way for your current customers to earn money automatically for referring their friends and family. Below, we detail how to setup a referral program.

How to create a referral program

  1. Go to Dashboard -> Products + Checkout -> Referral Programs

  2. Click "New Referral Program"
  3. Fill out the form:
    1. New Customer $Amount: How much the new customer gets in account credit.
    2. Referree Message Text: The message (optional) sent to the new signup letting them know of their account credit.
    3. Referrer $Amount: How much account credit to award the customer who sent the referral.
    4. Referrer Message Text: The message (optional) sent to the customer letting them know one of their referrals completed their first order and therefore they have new account credit added to their account.
  4. Hit the blue "Save" button.

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