Add A Cutoff Time To Your Store

Adding a cutoff time to your 'Stores' in Bottle is easy. Cutoff times are days and times that your orders officially cutoff for the week. Learn how to add and edit your cutoff times using the steps below.

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Adding a cutoff day

  1. From your Dashboard, go to the 'Stores' tab.
  2. Click "Edit Cutoff Times" next to the Subscription you'd like to add a cutoff time to.
  3. To add a brand new cutoff time to this Store, click on the '+Add A Cutoff Time Template' button
  4. From here, you will fill out the information for your cutoff time.

  • Cutoff day: the day your orders will officially cutoff and charge each week (or whatever interval you have chosen for your store).
  • Cutoff Time: the time the orders will cutoff.
  • Grace period: this allows customers who have forgotten to order for the week an extra bit of time to order. This is not required and if you do not want to add a grace period, you can leave this blank.
  • Base fulfillment day on: this allows you to decide if you want to base your fulfillment day (i.e. your delivery day) on your delivery options or a specific day. You can read more about this in this article.
  • The first order reminder: this is the first reminder that your customers will receive each week. Both reminders automatically include unique order links for each of your customers, so there is no need to add a link to these messages.
  • The second order reminder: this is the second reminder that you can send to your customers each week.
  • Create cutoffs for this many days out: the default here is 30, which if you have a weekly interval for your cutoffs, will auto-generate four cutoff days (a month's worth) based on the information in this template.

Edit An Already Existing Cutoff Day

  1. To edit the time/date/language for an already existing cutoff day, find the cutoff date you'd like to edit, and click 'Edit'.
  2. From this page, you can edit the time/date of the cutoff, add/edit the reminder message, and decide if you'd like the fulfillment day to be based on a specific day or a day specified in the 'Delivery Options'. (See explanations above

** It's important to note that changing one delivery time/date/language will only be applicable for that specific cutoff time, not for cutoffs in the future. To change all auto-generated cutoff times/future cutoff times, you will need to scroll to where it says 'Edit Cutoff Template'. From there, you can edit the template and hit the button that says all auto-generated cutoff times will also update.

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