Grow Your Wholesale Business With Bottle

There are several steps you can take to build your audience on Bottle. In this article we outline three steps you can take to build your wholesale audience and start taking orders. 

Build Your Messaging Audience

We want to make it easy for customers to enter their phone number and quickly get started. Bottle provides you a branded, unique signup form. When a customer enters their phone number they are automatically texted a prompt to order. Once they enter their number and submit the form they added to the system and become part of your audience.  

  1. Your unique sign up form will be provided by the Bottle team upon signup. 
  2. Link to the signup form on your website. 
  3. Create a button on your website, for example you could create a button that says "order wholesale by text".
  4. Link the button to your signup form. When customers click the button on the signup form they will then be able to input their phone number and get started. 

Send An Email Announcement

Sending a marketing email is a great way to announce your order by text program. You can quickly let clients know about the new option and encourage them to place their first order. 

  1. Announce that you now accept orders by text. 
  2. Highlight the benefits of your text to order program:
    1. Ordering is simple
    2. Your Bottle ordering experience is built for mobile
    3. No need for a password, just text in "order" to your Bottle phone number. Note: Your Bottle phone number is in the top left corner of your messenger.  You can access your messenger by logging into Bottle at 
    4. Customers can now ask questions and get help via text. 
  3. Let customers know how to get started. 
    1. Provide your sign up link. The sign up link allows customers to input their phone number. They'll then be texted a message with a link to place their first order. 
    2. Instruct customers to text your dedicated phone number with "order" to get started. 

Manually Add Several Contacts + Encourage Them To Order

We suggest manually adding a few contacts and sending a message. 

  1. Add a new contact manually
  2. Send a message to each contact. 
  3. Your message can include:
    1. Introduce yourself and let them know this is your dedicated number for text support and ordering. 
    2. Encourage them to ask questions of text back order.

Place a Test Order

It's always helpful to place a test order to get a feel for the system. 

  1. Add your cell phone number as a contact in the Bottle messenger. 
  2. Open up your Bottle dashboard (login to your account > go to your handle in the top left corner > click dashboard). 
  3. Add an account credit to your account or add a discount code for 100% off. 
  4. Go to your Bottle signup page. 
  5. Enter your phone number.
  6. Click the link that was texted to you. 
  7. Place a test order. 
    1. If you have account credit that fully covers the order you can checkout without submitting payment. 
    2. If using a discount code enter it at checkout and hit pay. 
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