Adding delivery, pickup, and shipping options

Bottle makes it easy to add and mange your delivery options. From the delivery management tab, you can also restrict delivery options to specific zip codes, subscriptions, and states.

Add delivery, pickup, and shipping options.

  1. From your Dashboard, click the 'Products + Checkout' tab.
  2. Next, click 'Delivery Options;.
  3. To add a new option, click 'New Delivery Option', to make edits to an existing option click 'Edit' next to the option you'd like to edit.
  4. Fill out the fields accordingly.
  5. For order, if you want this option to show up first, enter in 1 here, and so on.
  6. From the Delivery Type dropdown, you can choose the delivery type of this option - you can choose: Pickup, Delivery, or Shipping.

  7. You can enter in a description if you'd like.

  8. Next, enter in the zip codes and the state(s) you would like this option to be eligible to. The system will take the customer's address into account and only show them options that they are eligible for.

  9. Now you can choose which subscription(s) you'd like this specific delivery option to be available for.

  10. Now you can add an additional price if you'd like to charge for delivery. If you'd like this delivery/pickup option to be free, you can leave this field blank.

  11. You can check 'Taxable' if you'd like the delivery fee to be taxed.

  12. Next, you will decide which days you'd like this option to be available for (if you only deliver on Mondays, you would only check off Monday here). If you deliver everyday, you would check off all seven days. 

    The bottom portion of this is strictly for plans that do not have a cutoff time.
    How many days prior must order be placed? If you want orders coming in at least one day before the fulfillment day, this should say "1 day before". If you want orders to be placed more days prior, you will place those amounts of days in this box.
    Orders after x time count as the next day? You can decide if you want orders after a certain time to count as delivery for the following day.
    Orders after x time count as the next day: You can put the time here for the time that orders should cutoff for the day.

  13. Lastly, you can enter fulfillment reminders. These reminders go out automatically on your behalf on the day before and day of fulfillment. Currently, these messages go out at 3pm the day before fulfillment and 8am the day of fulfillment. These times are not customizable.

  14. Now, hit 'Save' at the bottom! You officially have your first delivery option. 
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