How to make your products show up on your website

One great thing about Bottle is that you can choose which products and categories show up depending on the subscription. Adding your categories to your subscription plans is easy on Bottle.

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Add your category to your subscription:

  1. Once you've created your category in the 'Products + Checkout' tab, you can then add that category to your subscription.
  2. From your 'Dashboard', click 'Stores'.
  3. Click 'Edit Available Products' next to the store you'd like to add the product to.
  4. Scroll to 'Customer Choices' and click '+ Category'.
  5. From the first drop down box, select the category that you would like to add to this subscription.
  6. Next choose the autofill option that makes the most sense for this category. You can read more about autofill options here [add autofill options article].
  7. You can then add pricing for products in this category (this is optional, but this pricing would override any pricing that is in the price for the product), any discount rate you'd like to add, if you want a minimum or maximum order amount for this category, and the order you'd like this category to show up in on your customer's order page.
  8. Scroll to the bottom and hit 'Save'.
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