Add dietary preference and how preferences work with autofill

Bottle dietary preferences are important for a few different reasons. Of course, it's always important to allow your customers to choose which dietary preferences work for them. However, in Bottle, these preferences are also taken into account when the system autofills a customer's cart.

Video Overview:

How to add dietary preferences:

  1. From your 'Dashboard' go to your 'Products + Checkout' tab
  2. Next, select the 'Dietary Options' tab
  3. Then, 'New Dietary Option'
  4. From here, you can give the dietary option a name (like "Vegan" or "Paleo) and then decide if it is a 'Contains Type' or a 'Diet Type'.
  5. Now, hit 'Save'!

Dietary preferences and autofill:

Once your dietary options are saved, it's useful to know what they are used for. First and foremost, they are used to identify to your customer which products fit their dietary needs. In general, your customers will see all products, even ones that are outside of their dietary options. However, when the system autofills a cart for the customer (using Choose Meals or Minimum Meals autofill types) the cart will only fill with products that meet the customer's dietary preferences.

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