Automatically Swap and Replace Products for Opt Out and Subscription Orders

If you offer opt out plans (i.e. subscriptions) you may want to swap products from week to week. For example, if you run a meal delivery service you may want to swap out the chicken parm sandwich to a grilled chicken sandwich the following week. 

Or, if you run a monthly coffee subscription you may want to offer the Ethiopian Blend one month and then automatically fill the cart the following month with the Brazilian blend. In this article, we'll talk through how to use this advanced feature of Bottle Repurchase. 

What Types of Plans Support "Replace With" Functionality? 

The Replace With feature is utilized when you have your autofill options set to Chosen Box on a category. You can learn more about setting up autofill options here.

In a "Chosen Box" subscriptions, your customers are set to receive the exact same products every new ordering period. If you're a food business, for example, you may want to stop offering an entree, but replace that entree with something else the next time a customer's cart is autofilled. This is where "Replace With Product" comes in to help.

The "Replace With Product" feature allows you to, from ordering interval to ordering interval, replace an expired item with a new item. 

How To Setup The "Replace With" Feature:

Here's how it works:

  1. Mark the no-longer-available product as "Unavailable"
  2. Choose a "Replace With Product" option from the dropdown after clicking "Edit" on the product.
  3. Save the product.
  4. Now, instead of autofilling carts with the now-unavailable product, Bottle will fill carts with the new product (as long as the new product is marked as Available).
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