How to make products available for specific cutoff days

Bottle makes it easy to schedule out products to become available for a specific cutoff day. This means that the product will become available on the first day after the last cutoff day and will stay available until that specified cutoff day and time

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Make products available for specific cutoff days:

  1. If you check the "Available for all cutoff days" (checked by default), then the product is available for all orders whenever it is live.
  2. If you uncheck "Available for all cutoff days", then Bottle looks for specific cutoff days where the product is available.
  3. To add an available cutoff day, choose a date from the "Add Cutoff Date" box, and then save the product. This will add the cutoff date you choose to the list of available days.
  4. To remove an available cutoff day, simply click "Remove" next to any added cutoff dates.
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