How to set a product to begin and expire

There might be times when you want to schedule your products to begin and expire at different times. Bottle makes this easy by offering a simple begin and expire feature.

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Set product to begin and expire

  1. From your Dashboard, select the 'Products + Checkout' tab.
  2. From here, scroll to where you see your list of products.
  3. You can either add a new product or edit an existing product. 
  4. On the product details screen, there are two fields specific to product availability: Product Begins and Product Expires. 
  5. If you input a time in the product begins field, then that item will begin to be available at that time and if you enter a time in the product expires field that is when the product will no longer be available. 
  6. We recommend scheduling the product to begin around thirty minutes before you'd like it to officially begin and scheduling it to end around thirty minutes after you'd actually like it to end.
  7. Hit save!
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