Create and Use Gift Cards

Gift cards are a great way to market your product and get your current customers to share the love with family and friends (and vise versa). You can lead customers to your gift card page by using the following URL: Current customers also have the opportunity to purchase gift cards from their profile.

To create a gift card, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Dashboard -> settings
  2. Go to Products and checkout
  3. Go to Gift Card
  4. Enter in the name
  5. Type in the value in dollars. This is the value of the gift card towards purchases. For example, if the value is $100, then the gift recipient can use $100 of credit towards a purchase.
  6. Type in the price. This is the actual cost of the gift card. Most times, this is the same as the value. But there might be instances where you want to offer a "pay $75, get $100" promotion and you can use gift cards for this type of deal.

How the customer uses a gift card on Bottle:

  1. The gift giver clicks on "purchase a gift card" 
  2. They then enter their information
  3. Next, they will select the amount of the gift card they'd like to give and enter their payment information.
  4. After the payment is received, the gift giver is emailed a digital gift card with a gift card code.
  5. The gift recipient uses that code to checkout when they place their order.

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