How do plans work for customers?

Bottle offers two different types of plans: recurring and one-time order plans. These two types of plans determine what type of automation your customers will receive each week. If the plan is a weekly recurring plan, it will be an opt-out plan. If it is a one-time plan it will be an opt-in plan. It is important to note that first time customers will not receive any type of autofill or reminder notifications. Once a customer pays for the first time on a plan, they will then start receiving weekly reminder notifications and be subject to the plan's autofill type.

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Plans on Bottle:

Recurring Plans:
Weekly plans allow your customer to make their selections the first time they order. After their first order, they will officially be subscribed to the weekly plan. This means they will be on an opt-out plan. An opt-out plan means the customer will need to opt-out each week in order to avoid being charged. If the customer does not opt-out, the system will fill their cart each week based on the autofill options you’ve chosen. To opt-out of ordering for that week, the customer must manually skip, pause, or cancel the plan. 

One Time Order
One time orders are a great way for customers to try your meals, or feel like they have the power each week so either receive or not receive meals. After the customer orders for the first time, they will be subscribed to this plan and receive text reminders each week. However, their card will not be charged and they will not receive meals unless they manually go in and hit “Confirm” and “Pay”. If the customer does not want meals that week, they simply do not have to do anything. If they do want meals, they will need to go into their account and pay for their order weekly. 

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