How Discount Codes Work

Discount codes are a great way to give your customers a certain dollar amount or percentage off of their order. You can also create a free shipping discount code for orders over a certain amount. These codes are easily created in the backend. 

How to create a new discount code:

  • From your 'Dashboard', go to your 'Products + Checkout' tab

  • Select 'Discount codes' 

  • Select 'New Discount Code'

  • Enter the type of discount code and other information in the form:
    • "Title": the title of the discount code that shows up on the confirmation screen.
    • "Code": the code that the customer must enter at checkout.
    • "Max use times per user": the maximum number of times a customer can use the code; set to 0 to allow unlimited uses.
    • "Minimum order amount": can only be applied if at least this amount of dollars' worth is in the cart.
    • "Minimum products count": can only be applied if at least this many products are in the cart.
    • "Tag": if a tag is set, then only customers who have that tag are allowed to add this discount code.
    • "Can be combined": if checked, then it can be combined with other discount codes; otherwise, no other discount code can be used with this one.
    • "Always combine": if checked, then it doesn't matter if other discount codes have "can be combined" or not - this lets it always be added to the cart.
    • "Automatically add to orders": if checked, then this discount code automatically gets added to all eligible orders. Be careful!
  • Hit save
  • To edit an already existing discount code, follow the directions above to get to the discount code screen and then click ‘Edit’ next to the code you’d like to edit.
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