IF a customer pays for the first time THEN create a one-time charge

Let's imagine that you give customers a cooler when they first sign up, so you want to charge them a one-time $10 fee after they pay for their first order. (Other scenarios might be you charge them one-time fee to join your service, or any other time you might want to charge customers an additional amount after they place their very first order). 

Video Overview:

How to create a one-time charge:

  1. Go to the Dashboard -> Rules
  2. Scroll down and click on "New Invoice Rule"
  3. In the top-right corner of the new rule, go to "Ifs"
  4. Click "Add Paid" (this means the rule will trigger when the order is paid for)
    1. Click "Save"
  5. Go back to the top-right dropdown, select "Ifs" again
  6. Click "Add Has Paid You X Times" (this is the number of times the customer has now paid you)
    1. Enter 1
    2. Click "Save"
  7. Go back to the top-right dropdown, select "Ifs" again
  8. Click "Add Is Subscription" (this makes sure the customer ordered from a plan and didn't buy something like a gift card)
    1. Click "Save"
  9. You're now looking at the Thens action options.
  10. Click "Schedule a Rule" (we could click "New Invoice" here, but you want to delay charging the card a second time so that the credit card company doesn't block the charge for coming so closely to the first one)
    1. Type "in 10 minutes" (or however long you'd like the delay to be - we recommend at least 10 minutes) into the scheduled time box, and click "Save"
    2. Open up the scheduled rule options (you should now see the THENs for the scheduled rule)
    3. Click "Invoice"
    4. Put "One-time cooler charge" into the Description box
    5. Put "10" (or however much you'd like the charge to be for) into the price box
    6. Leave Quantity as 1
    7. Scroll down and select "Charge" and then optionally select whether to text the customer a receipt
    8. Click "Save"
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