Why did I get a "[Deliverability Provision]" email?

Did you get an email from Bottle with the subject line  "[Deliverability Provision] New number provisioned in response to customer deliverability"? Bottle works with a provider to deliver all of your SMS to your customers' cellphones. Sometimes, those SMS go undelivered for whatever reason. Sometimes the carrier thinks it's spam, sometimes the customer's phone doesn't accept SMS messages.

What Bottle Does:

When we get one of these error messages, we automatically try to resend the SMS to the customer using one of your other phone numbers. (Accounts can have multiple phone numbers associated with them - here is an article on "Sticky Numbers").

If Bottle tries to assign the customer a new phone number, but all numbers have already been tried, then Bottle will automatically try to provision a new phone number with your preferred area code. If a new number is added, then this new number gets assigned to the customer and the SMS is retried once again.

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