How "Sticky" Phone Numbers Work

Bottle has a feature called "Sticky" Phone Numbers. We work to ensure that your contacts always receive messages and calls from the same number when you contact them. The number they are paired with is effectively "sticky". This is important because sometimes Bottle users can have more than one phone number in order to ensure deliverability and to spread customers out over multiple different numbers.

How Sticky Numbers Work:

  1. Let's say you have two phone numbers, 555-555-5555 and 777-777-7777.
  2. When you first message or call a contact, that contact is paired with one of your phone numbers, let's say the 555-555-5555 number.
  3. Every time that contact gets a text or call from you, it will come from 555-555-5555. If the contact texts back or calls, it will wind up in your messaging dashboard just as normal.
  4. Let's say another contact texts in, but somebody gave them the 777-777-7777 number. Then now they're paired with 777-777-7777, and every time you text them back or call them, they'll receive it from 777-777-7777.
  5. Either contact A or contact B can text or call either number, and it'll wind up in the same place. And any text or call back to the contact will always come from the number that was most recently paired with the customer.
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