What is Bottle Invoicing? How is Bottle Invoicing Different Than Bottle Repurchasing?

Bottle invoicing allows you to send basic invoices to customers from the web and via our iPhone app. With Bottle invoices, you can send a one-time invoice, charge a customer, and set up a basic recurring payment. Bottle Invoices make it easy to get paid via credit card and ACH. They also make it easy to charge a customer for a one time order or on a recurring basis. 

Bottle Invoicing vs. Bottle Repurchasing

Bottle Invoicing is a lighter weight commerce solution whereas Bottle Repurchasing provides a full backend to manage orders and a full front end for customers to place orders, reorder, and manage their account. 

What are some examples of customers using Bottle Invoicing?

  • Home Contractors use Bottle Invoicing to receive payments for work done on a home. 
  • Instagram sellers use Bottle Invoicing to take quick payments from an interested buyer. 
  • Tennis Pros use Bottle Invoicing to get paid for lessons. 
  • Landlords use Bottle Invoices to automatically collect rent each month via ACH.
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