Accessing the customer profile in Bottle Chat

Sometimes you will want to access a customer's information from the Bottle Chat dashboard. You might want to do this to check which plan they are on, edit line items for them, change a tag, block messages or any number of reasons. Below you will find instructions for how to do this.

How To Access The Customer Profile in Bottle Chat:

  1. Find the customer's name from the Bottle conversation page.

  2. Click the '...' in the top right hand corner of the screen. 

  3. There are several options for the customer profile.
    1. Attachments lets you see all attachments sent to the customer. 
    2. Info lets you manage tags, attributes and guests of a conversation. You can also archive a conversation, block calls from the conversation, or restrict outbound messages from being delivered to the customer. 
    3. Invoices presents each invoice that has been issued to the customer. This includes manual and automated invoices. 
    4. View profile as takes you directly to the customer's profile. This is most relevant for users of Bottle Repurchase. 

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