Set Up A Subscription or A La Carte Plan

The first step when placing an order on Bottle is selecting a plan. You can create a plan in the Bottle back end, offering your customers different options for placing an order. Below we outline how to create a plan in Bottle.

  1. Go to the Bottle messenger and open up the dashboard. 

  2. From the dashboard, click on the tab titled subscriptions. Click on new subscription. 

  3. When creating a new subscription tab, you will see a number of sections and fields. In the first section you can input information about the plan. 
    1. Name: This is what will appear on your Bottle ordering site when customers are picking their plans. 
    2. Visible: If this box is checked, the plan will appear on your Bottle page. If it is not, customers will not be able to select the plan/ 
    3. Paused: Pausing a plan on Bottle allows you to stop all notifications and auto-charges. If you Pause a plan, customers can still sign up for the plan and place an order. 
    4. Order: This determines what order the plan will appear on your Bottle ordering page. 
    5. Description: This is the description that will appear on the Bottle ordering page. 
    6. Product Selection Message: You can include a message for the menu page, such as store hours. If you'd like a message to appear on the menu page, enter it here. 
    7. Minimum Products: This field lets you dictate the total number of minimum products a customer must have before they can checkout. 
    8. Minimum Total: This field lets you dictate the minimum number of products a customer must have before they can checkout. 
    9. Maximum Number of Unique Products: This is a rarely used field that lets you specify the maximum number of unique products a customer can have in their cart. 
  4. Next, you'll want to determine which items customers will be able to purchase on this plan. 
    1. Scroll to the customer choices section
    2. From the drop down, you will see all of the menu categories that are available on your products page. 
    3. For each category, you have the option of choose meals, chosen box, minimum meals or no autofill. To learn more about what these options mean, check out this article on the different auto fill options with Bottle
    4. Price Per Item: This is an optional box. If you leave it blank, Bottle will pull the price from the Products page. If you add a price, Bottle will apply this price to all products in this category. For example, let's say all your breakfast items are always $12. You can put $12 in the price box. However, let's say your breakfast items vary in price. Just leave the box blank, and the price the customer sees will be from the product page. More on the product page can be found here.
    5. Discount Rate: Discount rate is the discount applied to each category. For example, if you want to offer 5% off of breakfast items, you would enter 5. 
    6. Minimum Products: The minimum number of products a customer can choose before they can proceed to checkout. 
    7. Maximum Products: The maximum number of products a customer can choose before they can proceed to checkout. 
    8. Order: The order of this section on the product selection page. For example, if you wanted this item to appear at the top of the product selection page, enter 1. 
  5. The next section allows you to control different variable on the plan.
    1. Opt in or Opt Out: If you select opt-in the customer will need to confirm their order and hit pay every week. If you select opt out, the customer will be auto-billed unless they skip or pause their order. 
    2. Availabilities: Allowing add-on products allows you display menu items that are marked as "available as an add on" in the Products section. Allow discount codes allows customers to enter discount codes when checking out. 
    3. Show Base Price: For certain pages, this will display the base price of the subscription. 
    4. Show Product Prices: This will show the price of your products. 
    5. Prefill Cart: You can have the cart pre-filled at several points throughout the ordering time frame. If you'd like the customer to have a pre-filled cart before they receive the first ordering reminder, select "Fill Cart Before Customer Gets First Reminder". If you'd like the cart to be pre-filled when orders are created at the beginning of the week select "Fill cart when order is created".  If you don't want the cart pre-filled, leave both boxes unchecked. 
    6. Ask for cutoff: If you check "Ask to confirm cutoff/delivery every time", this will always ask the customer to confirm which day they want their product delivered. We recommend checking this box. 
  6. The final section allows you to determine when reminder notification are sent to customers and what those notification say. Each reminder notification includes a unique link for customers to click and place their order. 
    1. Cutoff Time: This is the time orders cutoff for the week. This is a "soft cutoff" time. This is the time displayed on the product selection page. 
    2. Grace Period: This is the amount of additional time you give customers to get in any last minute orders. We suggest a minimum of a 1 hour grace period so that customers can adjust any billing issues and get in last minute orders. 
    3. Delivery Time: This is the delivery day. If you leave this field blank, the delivery day that is listed in the delivery tab will appear. Here is some more helpful info on setting up delivery options
    4. First notification time: This is the time your first sms notification will be sent out. 
    5. First notification text: This is what the message will say. A unique link will be included with this message automatically. 
    6. Second notification time: This is the time your first sms notification will be sent out.
    7. Second notification text: This is what the message will say. A unique link will be included with this message automatically. 
    8. If you'd like to add a second cutoff time, you can do that by clicking + Order Cutoff

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