How To Add Products To A Specific Plan

The time might come when you would like to add only one category of products to be available to subscribers on a specific plan. An example of this would be if you wanted to have a menu available to members of a specific gym but not to any other customers. 

Here are the steps to do that:

1. The first thing you will want to do is create a new category. From your Dashboard, select the 'Products + Checkout' tab, select 'Products', and then 'New Category'. Enter the information for your new category here.

2. After the category is created, add your choice of products to the category. Here is an article on how to add new products: Add A New Product.

3. Once the category and products are added and complete, it's time to create the new subscription. Here is an article on creating new subscription plans: Set Up A Subscription Or A La Carte Plan.

4. Creating your subscription will require you to enter the category you would like to make available to subscribers. In this article, you can find some directions on how to do that: Add (And Edit) A Category On A Plan.

5. Once the subscription is created, make sure to hit 'Save' at the bottom of the page. Now you are ready to start taking orders for your new subscription! 

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